Apr 11, 2009

The Lonely Pyromaniac (Easter Edition)

It's Easter!
And The Man-of-My-Dreams is still working out of state.
Just like he was on Valentines Day.

Remember this post I wrote about Valentines Day?
How lonely I was?
How much homemade wine I consumed?
How much I loved my shiny new kitchen torch?
That night, I introduced you to The Lonely Pyromaniac.

Shes Back!!

My First Victim was the beloved Peep.

The peep burned fast!
Bubbled up and smelled of burnt sugar.
A complete success!!

**TIP** Peeps make The Most Excellent S'mores!!
Put him on a stick....
Roast him over red-hot coals in the fire until his sugary coating carmelizes...
Slap him with some chocolate between to graham crackers...
HEAVENLY!!!! (thanks Lola for reminding me!)

#2 The Ever-Popular Chocolate Easter Bunny.


"Even MORE After"
The bunny burnt before it melted!
Whats up with that??
Chocolate is supposed to melt!
NOT catch on fire!

#3 The More Perfect Easter Candy EVER!!
The Cadbury Creme Egg!
I changed the background fabric in hopes of catching a picture of the obscene amount of smoke this sucker put off!
*cough* *cough*

#4 Brightly Colored Easter Jelly Beans!

These were kind-of a downer.
They got shiny.
Bubbled a little bit.
Then started to burn.

#5 Hard-Boiled Egg. (peeled)


Ooooooh Eeeeh!
This one was stinky!!
But just burnt on the surface.

You don't think I could stop with just my super-cool kitchen torch do you??
Not when I also have a MICROWAVE!!!
Watch and learn!

Happy Easter!!

What can I burn for Mothers Day?
hmmm thinking thinking....

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  1. SO glad you didn't microwave the egg... I've heard that smells disGUSTing (and might explode).

    - Bethany

  2. lol. That's hilarious. And that bunny looked so happy...mwaaah aah aaaaahhh [evil grin]


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