Jan 28, 2009

Quesadilla Burgers. (including a "lite" version!)

I came up with this dish one night when the young-men-folk wanted hamburgers for dinner and I found myself with no buns.
They Have quickly become a favorite at our house!
Quesadilla Burgers are a wonderful way to spice up the normal hamburger.

Dana's Quesadilla Burgers

  • Ground Beef, seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin (whatever you like!)
  • Salsa
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Cheese, shredded (I like a cheddar or Mexican blend)
  • Purple onions, bell peppers and garlic, sauteed
  • Black olives, sliced (optional)
  • Cooking Spray
  • Guacamole & Sour Cream for toppings.
- Season your ground beef with desired seasonings.
- Shape into large thin patties.
- You want the finished patties to be approx the same size as your tortillas.
- Grill the patties to desired doneness, set aside.

- Heat a large skillet, (I use my electric griddle so I can cook more at once).
- Lightly spray one side of a tortilla with cooking spray.
- Place (spray-side down) into the hot pan.
- Apply approx 2 tablespoons of salsa on the tortilla.
- Add one cooked ground beef patty.
- Top with sauteed onions & peppers.
- Sprinkle with cheese
- add black olives (if desired)
- Another Tablespoon or so of salsa.
- Top with another flour tortilla. Spray lightly with cooking spray.

- Allow to cook until the bottom tortilla is crisp and lightly browned.
- Carefully flip with a large spatula, continue cooking until crisp and browned.

- Remove from pan, cut into wedges.
- serve with a dollop of sour cream and guacamole.
- Enjoy!!

** The Quesadilla Burgers pictured were made to fit into my diet!
I have managed to lose 22.5 lbs since December 11.
I am NOT doing it by suffering through bland "diet" foods.
I'm just making some changes to my favorite dishes, so I can enjoy them with my family.
Well... that and reducing my portion size.

Dana's "lite" quesadilla burgers

Made the exact same as above... Except-
  • I used 93%/7% very lean beef.
  • Fat Free, Low Carb, whole wheat tortillas.
  • only 1 & 1/2 Tablespoons of low-fat, finely shredded Extra Sharp cheddar cheese.
  • No Sour Cream (I really really don't like the fat-free stuff... bleck!)
  • I didn't use any cooking spray, because my electric griddle has a non-stick coating and worked just fine!
Nope.. It is not the perfect "Diet" food.
BUT.. I am losing weight ONLY because I am not depriving myself of the things I enjoy!
I'm just modifying them a tad.
I know from past experience, that when I deprive myself of the foods I enjoy.. I FAIL!

Either way you make em... They are Delicious!

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  1. Dana I love your statement of "Nope.. It is not the perfect "Diet" food... I FAIL!" My husand and I have been mainly home cooking and not eating out, and its surprising how when we eat at home and smaller, the weight just comes off, slowly yet off. ;)


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