Aug 14, 2010

Win a Lean Beef Prize Pack!!

As I mentioned before,
Using the Lean Cut Match-Up on I was matched up with 95% lean ground beef.

That's a perfect choice for our family!Ground beef is so versatile, and you can use it in everything from amazing burgers, to my famous spaghetti sauce, to Tater-Tot casserole!
And... 95% lean beef only has 5.1 grams of fat and it's loaded with 10 essential nutrients, this makes it something that I can enjoy with my family, even while I am dieting! (I'm down 94lbs since Oct 20th by the way!)

I was kind of glad they helped me choose, there are SO many cuts of lean beef to choose from!

Look at their interactive meat case, and you'll know what I mean!
On the website, there are many MANY great recipes using lean beef.
I decided to make Chili Beef Carnivale,

yes, I know it's summer outside,
Chili is not something that usually comes to mind.. But when I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it out on the chili-loving men-folk on the farm!
This chili is spicy, and fresh. It got rave reviews from each and every member of my family!

You've gotta give it a try!
Check out the recipe HERE

Nutrition information per serving: 318 calories; 7 g fat (3 g saturated fat; 3 g monounsaturated fat); 76 mg cholesterol; 955 mg sodium; 28 g carbohydrate; 7.5 g fiber; 32 g protein; 7.8 mg niacin; 0.5 mg vitamin B6; 2.3 mcg vitamin B12; 6.4 mg iron; 19.8 mcg selenium; 6.2 mg zinc; 96.0 mg choline.

This recipe is an excellent source of fiber, protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron, selenium and zinc; and a good source of choline.

I'm Loving working with lean beef in my recipes!
I want you to love cooking lean beef too!
So... I'm giving away a Lean Beef Prize Pack to one of my readers!

Lean Beef Prize Pack includes...
1 I Heart Lean Beef Apron
1 Insulated I heart Lean Beef shopping Bag
1 Lean Beef Wallet Card
1 $100 dollar Visa Gift Card to help you buy all the BEEF!

Can I get a YAY!
There are 4 ways to enter!
Each of the choices below Equals ONE ENTRY into the giveaway.
(Make sure you post a separate comment on this page/post for each entry!!)

  • Go to the Beef, It's Whats For Dinner, Lean Cut Match-up Personality Quiz HERE and find out what cut of Lean Beef it suggests for your family. Leave a comment telling me what Lean Beef cut is for you!
  • Check out all of the Beef, It's Whats For Dinner recipe page HERE and tell me what recipe you would like to make with your prize pack if you win!
  • Tweet This Giveaway and include a link back to this page. (be sure to include your Twitter name in your comment!)
  • Post this giveaway on your FaceBook page, including a link back to this page. (provide me with a link to your facebook page in your comment)
The winner of the Lean Beef Prize Pack will be chosen randomly at 9am Tuesday Morning Central Standard time.

You may enter once a day using each of the choices for entries. (4 entries total per day)

Good Luck!!!

This series of posts is being sponsored by Beef Check off. They have supplied me with a gift card to purchase recipe ingredients and prizes for blog giveaways.
In return, I will blog about my experience with Lean Beef and the Beef Check-off web site. All information will be my honest and true opinions of the product and site.

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  1. I had two d's and 2 f's so I'm split lol. I'm a frugal mom of a bunch of kids I chase around the yard and play with who buy family packs of food to toss on the grill LOL. But I do buy the leanest meat I can buy! I know it costs more but its healthier and my health is important. I can be cheap and choke on grease and die young :/ or I can go for lean beef, eat great meals and play in the back yard til I'm 100 :)

  2. Apparently I have NO beef personality because my answers were one each of the letters. Whoopsie! I'd have to say that that's probably right. My preferences change depending on the day!

  3. As for recipes, I think I'd be all over that Ginger Beef Noodle Soup:

  4. Well Dana I have you on FB and Twitter so I shall do FB tomorrow twitter is motherbrew I think the monster mash meatball soup would be something my kids would love.....

    thanks Sandy

  5. Filet Mignon sounds extremely good think i will go make some tomorrow!!!!

    love there amazing meat

  6. Shredded Beef and Blue Cheese Quesadillas

  7. According to the quiz, I should have T-bone. lol

  8. The Beef & Parmesan Pasta sounds good :)

  9. Tweeted -


  10. My quiz said top sirloin was lean beef for me.

  11. If I win the prize pack I would like to make
    Sirloin with Sugar Snap Pea & Pasta Salad

  12. Posted this on my facebook profile:!/profile.php?id=1318046979

  13. Apparently I'm a top sirloin kinda girl!

  14. The braised beef with mushrooms and barley looks really, really good.

  15. The quiz says strip steak but I am more of a t-bone girl.

  16. Garlic crusted roast---yummy! Luuks and sounds wonderful.

  17. Our family came out as Lean Ground Beef And the Beef Chile Carnivale does look like something I'd make for my family

  18. I think that I was like most of the people on here> I did not have more of one letter than the other. I guess that should make us all very well rounded! I am going to try the Pepper Steak Salad with Mango, Avocado and Jalapeño Vinaigrette. That sounds like something that i would enjoy.

    I dont have an account with you, but I would hate to miss out on the chance of getting the gift card.



  19. Well I took the quiz and I tied for Filet Mignon and Ground Beef. Must have something to do with having a Filet Mignon taste and a Ground Beef budget.

  20. I totally didn't even have to look far to find a recipe I want to try. Mediterranean Steak & Pasta with Tomato-olive sauce.

  21. Interesting, according to the quiz, I should do a filet. That is always my last choice in a cut of meat. Hmmm...

  22. And I would go for the Crumb-Crusted Top Sirloin and Roasted Garlic Potatoes with Bourbon Sauce. Yummy!

  23. Try a Top Round: Like a diamond in the rough, the Top Round steak shines with a splash of the right marinade. Yet it’s priced more like cubic zirconium, meaning your family can enjoy that decadent beef taste you love without breaking the bank. But with just 4.6 grams of total fat per 3-ounce serving, Top Round is one of the leanest cuts you can get. Try our Sumptuous Steak Stir-Fry for a delicious, colorful meal that’s tops on nutrition, yet lean on cost.

  24. i was like almost everyone i had several different awnsers not really more of one kind but my favorit would have to be the stip steak!!! Yum

  25. I had one of each letter so apparently I'm either really complicated or just like beef :D Our favorite cut of beef tends to be sirloin and we use it for grilling or pan frying in our cast iron.

    For the recipes, I think I'd make the ginger beef noodle soup. We love ethnic recipes and ginger is one of our favorite herbs with which to season things.


    I'm walkertxkitty there too.


    There I'm fwolfejohnson (Fran Wolfe-Johnson

  26. Hi, I got several different answers too, but top round wins.

  27. Tangy Lime Grilled Top Round Steak sounds easy and good.

  28. Haha, I was a perfectly even split between all five kinds! Guess I'll just have to eat them all!

  29. I think I'd try the Ginger Beef Noodle Soup - it sounds like a soup version of the stir-fry we make all the time.

  30. What an incredible offer, I wonder if this company haves more stuff like this one at stock!


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