Mar 23, 2009

The Taste of Comfort

Last night, we had one of my favorite comfort foods for dinner.

Tender, juicy, slow roasted, pot roast
with roasted carrots, huge mushrooms,
onions, & fingerling potatoes.

Top it all with a rich and thick homemade gravy, and I'm in comfort-food heaven!

Pot roast brings back memories of Sunday After-Church dinner.
Walking in the back door and smelling the wonderful meal long before you reached for your fork.
It's warm, filling, honest food. (if the term "honest food" makes any sense at all!)

I have many favorite comfort foods.
some sweet,
some savory,
some simple,
some complex,

I always find it interesting what foods other people consider comforting.

So today, It's all about you!

I wanna know...
What does comfort taste like to you?
And Why?

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