Jan 22, 2009

Dana's Simple Avocado Salad

I've been doing the diet thing. **sigh**
And one thing I always miss when I'm being a good-girl is
Rich & Creamy things.
You know... Butter, cheese, mayonnaise.
The good fattening stuff!

Well, this time around I have found a way to satisfy those cravings!!
The wonderful avocado!

I use them in sandwiches, burgers, salads, you name it!
When I stick half of a mashed up avocado on a burger I don't miss the cheese, I don't miss the Mayo. It's working great!
Yes they have fat, but it's the good fat, so I'll take it!

This salad has been my lunchtime staple this week,
You can throw it together in 5 minutes.
It's yummy and feels naughty!

Dana's Simple Avocado Salad

One ripe avocado (cubed)
One handful of sweet Grape Tomatoes, (cut in half)
A few tablespoons of diced purple onion
A splash of lime juice
salt & pepper to taste.

Mix all ingredients up and enjoy!

Try adding some shrimp!
Try adding some fresh mint!
Try adding some cilantro!
whatever suits your fancy!

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