Dec 2, 2008

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix.

Here in Texas it doesn't get nearly as cold as it did when I was a child growing up in Pennsylvania.
But it does get chilly, and the young-men-folk on the farm think they are gonna die when it gets frosty outside.
So we use lots of homemade cocoa to help keep the poor little darlings warm on those few chilly mornings.
This is our favorite recipe.
And it only costs pennies a cup!
Dana's Creamy Hot Cocoa Master Mix

2 cups nonfat dry milk
2-3 cups powdered sugar (or to taste)
1 cup unsweetened powdered cocoa
2 cup non-dairy powdered coffee creamer
dash of salt

1.) Combine all of the ingredients, mix until well blended.
2.) Store in an air-tight container.

To make Hot Cocoa..

spoon approx 1/3 cup of mix into a mug.
Fill with boiling water.
Top with marshmallows.

Tip!! Make your own marshmallows too!
They are so much better than store bought and easy too!
My recipe can be found HERE.

For Mocha... substitute coffee for the boiling water.

sprinkle with cinnamon.
use French Vanilla creamer. (you may want to reduce the amount of sugar added tho)
top with homemade marshmallows.
add a dash of cayenne pepper.

*Attach a baggie of homemade marshmallows to a mug of Hot Cocoa Mix for a GREAT teachers gift!*
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  1. you had me at the coffee creamer! thats my secret weapon for making cocoa mix taste great! thanks for this recipe! no more grocery store mixes for me!!

  2. When I was a kid we used to spend the day after Thanksgiving (or sometime near there!) making up a huge batch of this stuff as well as a huge batch of Russian Tea mix...which is just powdered instant iced tea and Tang mix. Mix with hot water and enjoy. Oh, so so good on those cold cold evenings!

    Thank you for reviving a memory...and a desire to make this a ritual for my own family.

  3. Dana, **smack**!! (That's a kiss, not a whack up side the head!) THis will be PERFECT for my gifts in a jar! THANK YOU!

  4. nothin' better to me than a cup of coffee with hot cocoa mix! though it makes it impossible to get a plain coffee at any restaurant because once again my taste buds are too picky! ...must...have...chocolate!

    - your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

  5. Oooooooooooo this is soooooooo going on the shopping list!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yumm! Perfect for winter season! I so Love choco!

  7. Aha ! I now know what to make for the postman and my neighbors, because I had no idea what to give them!

    Oh course, I'll have to make a test-batch first and then throughly sample it.
    *wink wink*

  8. This is the recipe that we use. It is so yummy - the coffee creamer makes it taste extra yummy. We make a big batch in the fall and store the powder in the freezer.

  9. Yippie - Hot Cocoa time :) We also do this one for the holidays
    and give them out for gifts - Nice to put two christmas mugs in a sack, put a fancy shiny plastic bag of cocoa in one and chai tea in the other - maybe a little bag of marshmallows and "viola!" Instant Christmas gifts for all! Thanks for reminding me - it's THAT time again ;) mmmmm...any excuse to have chocolate - I'm in!

  10. I've been making mine with regular sugar. I think I need to try this new way. Thanks for sharing!


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