Oct 28, 2008

Loaded Texas-Style

I love me some potatoes.When the snippy waiter comes to my table and asks what I'd like on my spud I always proudly proclaim "Loaded... Give it to me all the way baby!!"
Yes, he looks at me like I have lost my mind, but he gets the point.

A short time later he returns with a pitifully tiny potato with a little dab or butter, a few shreds of cheese, 3 or 4 specs of imitation Bacon-Bits, a half-teaspoon of sour cream, and a sprinkle of dehydrated chives.

This will not do... No way, no how!
I am a Texan....
we take our food almost as seriously as we take the fit of our blue jeans!

We like things BIG.
We have BIG attitudes.
Our Food is BIG.
We like BIG flavor baby.. HUGE!

Our Baked Potatoes are no exception....

Here is how we do it Texas-Style.....

1. Find a spud that is no less than the size of your boot.

2. Wrap it in tin-foil and throw it in the fire for a spell. (or bake it in the oven if your a sissy)

3. Lop off the top of your tater, and let the fun begin with the toppings!

4. Sprinkle on some salt and pepper.

5. Scoop up a big ole spoonful of real butter and plop it on. ( or just a pat of butter if you are a wimp)

6. Add a generous fist-full of shredded cheddar cheese.

7. Crisp-cook and crumble 3 slices of bacon and throw it on too. (use Bacon-Bits ONLY if your not in Texas, we don't look kindly on fake pig products!!)

8. Now, and this is the real fun part, add a ladle-full of shredded BBQ beef.

9. Just in case you don't have enough meat products already, add some of your favorite sliced smoked sausage swimming in your favorite BBQ sauce, let it run down the sides of your spud. (we ain't skeered of getting dirty in Texas!)

10. Top it off with a generous scoop of real sour cream.

11. Oh! and don't forget the sliced green onions!!

This is meal enough for any hungry Cowboy.... Or a family of 4 City-Slickers.

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  1. Oh yeah baby! Love them Texas taters!! That looks soooooo goooooood!!!
    TX Rosebud

  2. i prefer my taters with just tons of butter and some finely chopped chives or some vidalia or walla walla onion slices. i never grew up with the sour cream, bacon and other sundry stuff on the potato thing. i remember on some saturdays mom would put some potatoes in the oven and then we'd go to church. by the time we got home the potatoes would be baked up and we'd have that for supper.


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