Jul 27, 2008

Take a peek

batch cooking is paying off.

click the pic for a full-side view

Now I need another freezer!
underneath is tons of home grown pork.... smoked hams .. the worlds best breakfast sausage, the mountains of blueberries.
hmmm where am I gonna fit the pierogi lasagnas?
Oh yeah.... I have another small freezer outside.. whew!
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  1. Ok now, I feel better. I have a smaller chest freezer in my garage and my one attatched to my frige. I was wondering where you kept it all. You have more freezer space than I do. Mine are stuffed full right now. With everything I saw making I wondered how it was going to fit. Nice organization BTW!

  2. I did a bunch of batch cooking a few weeks ago - I also made up a bunch of meals that would need to be cooked, but were already put together.....I went out to the freezer and the door had been left open all weekend - it was all ruined...I was in tears. The kids all of course got a lecture on waste, being in too much of a hurry to correctly close the freezer all were sufficiently guilted by my tears and even heard about it from DAD!!! I went yesterday (the kids are all at camp for the weekend) and bought at a co-op to re-stock. This morning my hubby went out and.......the door was wide open - this time something had eaten most of the food. (Evidently the racoons have figured out how to open the freezer and have a smorgasbord of food.) Once again what wasn't mutilated was ruined. I'm going to buy a hasp lock before I do that again. What I'm wondering is...do I tell the kids?

  3. Oh No!!! I would have just sat down and cried.... after killing a few young-folk.

  4. ..... *shock*

    I seriously want to do some batch cooking. But what should I make? And did you really boil ALL that chicken???? What becomes the chicken broth? lol (You would think I don't cook, but really I do.. I'm just not good with the huge recipes. lol)

  5. what should you make? Make foods your family likes! I would advise against making huge batches of something before it got the thumbs up from the family. thats why the recipes I posted are "normal" sized... you can double/triple etc if you want. ;)

    and the broth? yep I boiled all that chicken! lol
    I used water, celery,carrots, onion, garlic, salt/pepper, and the chicken... sometimes I throw in a little sage or poultry seasoning... whatever floats yer boat! and all the flavors from the meat and seasonings & veggies make that water a fine broth!

    Oh... and I chill it so I can skim off the fat too.. but this time using boneless skinless breasts there was very little fat.

  6. I am so impressed with your batch cooking!


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