Dec 17, 2007

Men-Folk Pleasin 101 (Frosted Meatloaf)

If your Men-Folk are anything like mine, Meat and potatoes are a staple round your homestead.
The more meat the better,
The more potatoes, the better.

I have a dish for any carnivore-of-the-male-persuasion. (carnivores of the female persuasion like it too!)

Frosted Meatloaf.
Ok.... dont let the term meatloaf scare ya. It's not a usually pretty dish. It's a hunk of seasoned meat on a plate. Yummy as it may be.. it is not pretty. for most men, it's good enough, I know.
But I think we can do it better.

This is more of a technique than a recipe per say.

1.) Make your favorite Meatloaf recipe. (yes, this is my 8lb raw meatloaf, I have lots of men-folk ya know!)

2.) Cook it.
3.) make a big batch of mashed potatoes. (I made garlic mashed potatoes. again.. easy!)
4.) throw in a handful of shredded cheese of your choice, (cheddar or mozzarella are good!) This helps the mashed potatoes become a little bit elastic & spreadable.

5.) Plop your mashed potatoes on top of your meatloaf. (yes, I said plop that is a gourmet term ya know!)

6.) Frost your meatloaf with the taters. I use my icing spreader thingie. (If the taters start to stick to your spreader thingie, just smear some butter on it. then it will slide like.... well... butter.)
Ain't that purdy?

7.) Throw the whole purdy frosted thing under your broiler. (watch it closely! you just want to give it a little color and this does not take long!)

(ain't it purdier?)
8.) slice it.

9.) eat it!

Ok... it's still not really purdy, like in a magazine purdy... but its fun and different, and yummy!
I dare any male to NOT love it!
Another great idea?
Make several mini meat loaves and frost them to serve your family "Snowballs" my short people love em!
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  1. My Ranger man will LOVE this, I am going to try it tonight.

  2. Yum. and you can do it ahead of time and clean up the pots and pans...always a bonus to me. I HATE having to do tons of pans after dinner..I try and do all I can before hand. ..well Unless I have some extra wine, and I decide oh well I'll drink some wine as I scrub that pot...I may be CLEANING that pan all night long!! LOL
    Scrub...drink a little wine. Add the DAWN dishsoap...make some bubbles, drink a little wine, add more wine to the glass, scrub a little on one side of pan, drink some wine, notice the color...drink a little...

  3. Oh yes... I know of NO man who can resist meat and potatoes in one bite! ;)

    and I hear ya bout the washing dishes thing. That's where workers #1 - #4 come in handy! ;)

    Thanks for the comments!! I just adore Comments! makes me all giddy.

  4. I made my daughter her 30th birthday cake out of meatloaf. Used two 8" round pans, baked them, frosted them with mashed potates and used baby carrots for the candles!
    She about cried...She loves meatloaf...


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